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80 interim teachers fail psychometric test


KUCHING: A total of 80 out of 236 interim teachers from Sarawak who have been given a second chance to sit for the psychometric test conducted by Education Service Commission (SPP) in March have failed.

This was disclosed by an interim teacher who was among those who failed in the test.

“Based on our own research, there were 236 of us who sat for the test but I am not sure the exact figure as SPP did not reveal their list.

“We are very disappointed with the results and at the same time, curious as to how they marked the test. Is it reliable? Can we trust them? We would like to propose that the test papers be re-marked by another independent panel from Sarawak,” he said when contacted yesterday.

The interim teacher said they were even willing to fork out their own money to attend the Interim Teachers Interview Course and Psychometric Test conducted by Persatuan Alumni Dayak Universiti Malaya (Padum) in Sibu but were disappointed and frustrated that the outcome of the test was still the same.

“We attended the course and discussed ways to tackle the questions and prepare ourselves for the test but we don’t know why the answers that we provided were still wrong and we still failed the test.”

They also questioned the nature of one of the questions asked: ‘Do you ever have random sex?’ which to them was very personal and irrelevant to their profession.

“What do they expect us to answer for that question? We think the question is not suitable. What is the connection of this question with the teaching profession?”

He also felt that another question asking them for their priority if there was a request by their father and by their profession.

Even for some of the interim teachers who managed to pass the psychometric test, they were also not happy because not all of them were selected for the interview.

“We (interim teachers who passed) are also not happy with the outcome and we will fight together with our friends who failed.”

When asked on their feelings now, one of the interim teachers said she didn’t know what else she could do as her hard work all this while did not pay off.

Previously, it was reported that the services of 210 interim teachers were terminated as they failed the same test that they took in December last year.

However, following the intervention by Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg, Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid allowed their services to be extended to June 30 and were given a chance to sit for the test again.

In addition, the 210 interim teachers were also given a second chance to attend the interview session of the SPP.

Meanwhile, newly appointed Minister of Education, Science and Technological Research Dato Sri Michael Manyin, when contacted to comment on the failure of the interim teachers to pass the psychometric test, said he had just been appointed to the ministry and thus did not have the information with him yet.

When asked if he would assist the interim teachers, Manyin, who is a former school principal, said: “Of course. But, before I can meet them I must know why they failed/not selected and who are in a position to help them. There is no point to meet them just for the sake of meeting them.”


Kementerian Jaga Pendidikan Negeri Pendekatan Positif


utusan 8mei2017

Support for MoE’s move to enhance practical training in school science labs


SIBU: The move to enhance practical training in science laboratories in schools nationwide as a way to increase the number of Science students, needs to be sustained for it to be realised.

In pointing this out, Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) president Jisin Nyud observed that the Education Ministry (MoE) had a very good education policy all this while but it stopped before the ‘fruits from such labour could be reaped’.

He cited the ‘Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English’ (PPSMI) as a key example of this.

Jisin’s remarks were made in response to Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon’s recent statement about MoE’s plan to enhance practical training in science laboratories in schools nationwide to help increase the number of Science students.

Chong was quoted as saying that in this regard, improvement of existing science laboratories in schools would be considered before it was implemented.

On this, Jisin said: “Promotion for more students going to the Science Stream is vital nowadays; hence, the idea of enhancing practical training in science laboratories in schools – be they in cities or rural areas. Students must be connected to the outside world. I believe that the practical approach in science subjects should be able to enhance students’ interest in science as it involves hands-on training.

“However should this matter progress, then there should be continuous financial support from the ministry too.

“STU hopes that whatever policy or programme implemented, it (MoE) must be able to sustain them until we could see the end product.”

Jisin assured all of the union’s support for the MoE’s move but he stressed that the ministry would need to enhance the present condition of science laboratories not only in urban schools, but also those in the rural areas.

Meanwhile Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers Union (KGBS) president Ahmad Malie hoped that the MoE would give priority to school laboratories in Sarawak with regard to the upgrading of and enhancement of these facilities.

“KGBS does not want Sarawak to be left out or experience delays when it comes to such effort mobilised by the MoE,” he stressed.

He said the move by MoE was indicative of the government’s sensitivity to the lack of students entering Science Stream.

“In this regard, KGBS also urges students especially Bumiputeras to take up the government’s call and challenge (to go for Science Stream),” Ahmad Malie said.


SMK Agama Sibu raises RM100,000 for school hall project

http://cdn.theborneopost.com/newsimages/2017/05/B17050809-130x90.jpg 130w" sizes="(max-width: 660px) 100vw, 660px" style="max-width: 98%; height: auto; vertical-align: top; margin: 7.90625px auto 0px; display: block;">

Salemah (third right) joins (from right) Mohamad Safree, Hosmawati, Abdul Mutalib and Tai in the opening gimmick of SMK Agama Sibu PTA charity dinner. At left is Mohd Rizal.

SIBU: SMK Agama Sibu is inching closer towards realising its dream of having a hall to cater for its 605 students, having raised RM80,000 from its inaugural charity dinner on Saturday.

According the school’s parent-teacher association (PTA) chairman Mohamad Safree Mohamad Kassim, the cost to construct the multi-purpose hall is estimated to be at RM800,000.

For the record, SMK Agama is the only secondary school here that is without such facility.

“We raised RM80,000 from the SMK Agama Sibu PTA charity dinner, while another RM20,000 was from public donation – altogether, we collected RM100,000. We have achieved our target of getting 80 tables (taken up) and appreciated all those who had chipped in for a good cause.

“We will seek assistance from the Ministry of Education and state Education Department, as well as from corporate bodies and elected people’s representatives in Sarawak to top up (the amount of RM800,000).

“It is high time for the school to have its own hall to cater for the needs of the growing student population,” he told reporters after the charity dinner, where Sibu District Education deputy officer Salemah Chali officiated at the opening.

Meanwhile, SMK Agama Sibu principal Hosmawati Bairi said the school was established in 1985. She observed that while there is an open space for them to use, it is not conducive to having assemblies and other activities due to space constraint and also students could get wet during rainy days.

“There is a need for a school hall where we can hold our weekly assembly.

“Additionally, in line with the 21st century education where we are to conduct teaching and learning outside the classroom, having a school hall would provide a suitable and comfortable environment to carry out these activities.

“Actually, we envy other schools in Sibu that have their own facilities,” said Hosmawati, who is still new to the school.

According to her, a proposal has been submitted to the ministry requesting for federal allocation and they are awaiting its response.

On a related matter, Mohamad Safree urged parents to continue supporting the activities run by the PTA towards bringing the school to greater heights.

In her speech, Salemah said SMK Agama PTA is indeed playing a key role in boosting the academic performance and achievements of the school.

The dinner was also attended by Sibu District Education Office’s Islamic Education Unit supervisor Mohd Rizal Basirun, Pan Sarawak Company Sdn Bhd managing director Datuk Jason Tai and event organising chairman Abdul Mutalib Rashid, who is former SMK Agama Sibu PTA chairman.


Annuar, Fatimah laud creation of state education ministry


Dr Annuar taking some pointers from Fatimah. — Photo by Tan Song Wei

KUCHING: The new Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research will enable the state government to oversee education matters.

Newly appointed Assistant Minister of Education and Technological Research Dr Annuar Rapa’ee said though matters concerning education were mainly under the federal government, the creation of this new ministry would enable the state government to look into what is needed such as school infrastructure.

“For education, it is under the federal list but what we need in Sarawak is more on infrastructure which we are lacking. But on the other hand, looking at that only is not enough as we need to also emphasise on human resource concerning teachers as well as academic results for students.

“At the end of the day, what we want is for our people to have more knowledge, to be more educated because the nation will collapse if there is a collapse in the education system,” he said when met after attending the state Barisan Nasional (BN) pre-council meeting which was chaired by Chief Minister Datuk Amar Abang Johari Tun Openg at PBB headquarters here yesterday.

In addition to his new post, Dr Annuar will also serve as Assistant Minister of Housing and Public Health which was announced by Abang Johari at a press conference on his new state cabinet line-up on Saturday.

On his new responsibilities, the former Assistant Minister in the Chief Minister’s Department (Science Research and Biotechnology) said he had a crucial role to play as the decisions made by the ministry will ‘affect people’s lives from basic needs to their future’.

“Education is for the future, housing is for the people’s needs and health is also equally as important. I look at it (post) as a very heavy task and I hope to be able to do something for the state especially in terms of housing and education,” he remarked.

Meanwhile, Welfare, Community Well Being, Women, Family and Childhood Development Minister Datuk Fatimah Abdullah said the new Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research covers education issues from primary one to tertiary education.

“So the division of work is now divided into pre-school which will be covered by my ministry while the new ministry will cover from primary one to tertiary education.”

Asked if it would be chaotic to split the overseeing of education into two ministries, she did not think it would be a problem.

“The last time, we do not have an education minister at state-level and it was only through the minister watching brief for a particular department.

“Now, because our chief minister has a very clear direction on how we can move forward, we have to start with education and that is why he has set up this new ministry so we have our own way of solving problems concerning education in terms of the infrastructure and so on,” explained Fatimah, who was formerly the watching-brief minister on education.

She added that with the creation of the Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Research, the state would now has a bigger clout in solving education issues.