Support for MoE’s move to enhance practical training in school science labs


SIBU: The move to enhance practical training in science laboratories in schools nationwide as a way to increase the number of Science students, needs to be sustained for it to be realised.

In pointing this out, Sarawak Teachers Union (STU) president Jisin Nyud observed that the Education Ministry (MoE) had a very good education policy all this while but it stopped before the ‘fruits from such labour could be reaped’.

He cited the ‘Teaching of Science and Mathematics in English’ (PPSMI) as a key example of this.

Jisin’s remarks were made in response to Deputy Education Minister Datuk Chong Sin Woon’s recent statement about MoE’s plan to enhance practical training in science laboratories in schools nationwide to help increase the number of Science students.

Chong was quoted as saying that in this regard, improvement of existing science laboratories in schools would be considered before it was implemented.

On this, Jisin said: “Promotion for more students going to the Science Stream is vital nowadays; hence, the idea of enhancing practical training in science laboratories in schools – be they in cities or rural areas. Students must be connected to the outside world. I believe that the practical approach in science subjects should be able to enhance students’ interest in science as it involves hands-on training.

“However should this matter progress, then there should be continuous financial support from the ministry too.

“STU hopes that whatever policy or programme implemented, it (MoE) must be able to sustain them until we could see the end product.”

Jisin assured all of the union’s support for the MoE’s move but he stressed that the ministry would need to enhance the present condition of science laboratories not only in urban schools, but also those in the rural areas.

Meanwhile Sarawak Bumiputera Teachers Union (KGBS) president Ahmad Malie hoped that the MoE would give priority to school laboratories in Sarawak with regard to the upgrading of and enhancement of these facilities.

“KGBS does not want Sarawak to be left out or experience delays when it comes to such effort mobilised by the MoE,” he stressed.

He said the move by MoE was indicative of the government’s sensitivity to the lack of students entering Science Stream.

“In this regard, KGBS also urges students especially Bumiputeras to take up the government’s call and challenge (to go for Science Stream),” Ahmad Malie said.