PTAs told to form sub-committees to fight drug abuse

Riot being greated by Pemanca Chai Min Lee as he arrives for the dinner. Looking on from second right are Lim, Peter and Martin.

SERIAN: Human Resources Minister Dato Sri Richard Riot Jaem has called on Parent – Teacher Associations (PTAs) to form special sub-committees dedicated to the fight against drug abuse in schools.

He said he was worried by recent happenings in Serian Division related to drug users, some of whom were students of schools here.

He pointed out this clearly showed that PTAs have a big role to play in the campaign against illegal use of drugs by students.

“Drugs pushers must be kept out of the school compound. Parents and teachers must be more observant of the wayward behaviours of students who take drugs,” he said at a dinner organised by the PTA of SMK Taee here on Saturday.

He also said members of PTA and staff of the school must have the courage to act against drug users and pushers operating within school premises.

He cited a case earlier this year, where a teacher of SMK Tebedu single-handedly caught students of his school for being involved in taking drugs.

On another matter, the six-term Serian MP also called on teachers and parents to encourage students finishing Form 5 to enrol in skills training centres under his ministry.

He said he would like to see more youths in Serian enrol in these skill centres as this would reflect well on why Serian deserves to have a skill centre of its own.

He disclosed that an Industrial Training Institute (ILP) offering certificate-level courses would be built in Serian soon.

The proposed project is currently in the tender process.

At the function, he announced a grant of RM30,000 to the PTA of SMK Taee.

Among those present were Kedup assemblyman Martin Ben, political secretary to the Human Resources Minister Major (r) Datuk Peter Runin, Serian district officer Lim Hock Meng and Tebedu district officer Raymond Achen.