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Lights at SK Pulau Seduku bring smiles, relief to pupils, parents



PTA members and contractor reps conducting a final check at SK Pulau Seduku.

SRI AMAN: Pupils of SK Pulau Seduku and their parents were delighted to see the new buildings of the school all lit up on Thursday night.

The old school buildings on Pulau Seduku were built to serve the community at the estuary of the Batang Lupar River.

However, they were later resettled to the mainland while the school remained on the island – the pupils must brave the turbulent waters of the Batang Lupar rivermouth every time they go to school.

Their predicament was highlighted by The Borneo Post, which led to the decision of relocating the school to the new settlement.

However the project, which was scheduled for completion in October last year, was delayed – leaving the villagers to be gripped by uncertainty for months.

Finally, the works reached completion – but the buildings had no power supply.

The problem was solved by installing a generator, which powered up the lights on Thursday night.

The school’s parent-teacher association (PTA) chairman Datuk Wan Abdillah Edruce told The Borneo Post yesterday that it was a big relief for the pupils, in that they would start the new term without having to face the danger of crossing the crocodile-infested Batang Lupar.

“We wish to record our heartfelt thanks to JPN Sarawak (state Education Department) especially the development officer, Awang Bakhtiar, for helping us.”

Wan Abdillah commended Awang Bakhtiar for going out of his way to borrow chairs from a nearby school and transported them to SK Pulau Seduku, with the help of police trucks.

“We had a meeting and it was agreed that the children would study at the new school building, beginning in the next school term.

The main contractors’ representatives, who were also present, presented all kinds of excuses – we blasted them.

“We are fortunate that JPN Sarawak understands our predicament and Awang Bakhtiar has gone the extra mile to help us, despite having to rush back to SK Buda after helping us,” Wan Abdillah said.

During the meeting, Wan Abdillah said the basic infrastructure needed to open the school should be ready before school reopening this Tuesday.

He also expressed his gratitude to The Borneo Post for highlighting this predicament.