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300 primary school pupils receive RM100 each in aid



The recipients in a photo-call with Tiong and others.

BINTULU: About 300 pupils from eight primary schools in this division received RM100 each in school aid from Yayasan Bank Rakyat yesterday.

The schools were SK Bukit Mawang with 19 pupils, SK Sg Genaan (16), SK Hermanus Assan (36), SK Kuala Binyo (26), SK Kuala Kebulu (33), SK Kuala Sigu (17), SK Pandan (75) and SK Labang (78).

Ten other primary schools, namely SK Sebauh, SK Bukit Balai, SK Kuala Tatau, SK Sangan Iban, SK Bintulu, SK Jepak, SK Kidurong 2, SK Tatau, SK Pandan and SK Labang received a cheque each for tuition purposes.

Meanwhile, six longhouses and a village, namely Rh Ding Sandai, Sungai Penyuan, Tubau (38 families), Rh Janggu Kasah, Sungai Tebila, Tubau (12 families), Rh Unji Pagan, Sungai Tissay, Ulu Sebauh (20 families), Rh Nyipa Tingang, Kuala Pandan, Sebauh (63 families), Rh Edau Dali, Nanga Marak, Sungai Binyo (9 families), Rh Indang Abok, Sungai Selagoi, Labang(11 families) and Kampung Labang (55 families) received essential items such as rice, cooking oil and sugar under the flood relief aid category.

Bintulu MP Datuk Seri Tiong King Sing gave away the items and officiated at the presentation ceremony held at SK Labang.

Sarawak Administrative Officer (SAO) of Sebauh Baithy Tini, Yayasan Bank Rakyat finance manager Mohd Hafiz Sulaiman, Bank Rakyat Bintulu branch manager Abdul Azis Rosli, Sebauh Headmaster Council chairman and SK Labang headmaster Roslan Rosli, and senior officials from Bintulu, Sebauh and Tatau Education offices were also present.

Earlier, Tiong called for more companies and corporate bodies including financial institutions to come forward and  emulate Yayasan Bank Rakyat’s initiative.

“There are many companies including financial institutions in the country but not many are implementing such programmes,” said Tiong.

Separately, he warned teachers not to be involved in political campaigns of opposition parties during the forthcoming general election.