Mahdzir says that the Internet has exposed the public to the quality of education they can expect and demand from schools.

THE biggest challenge facing teachers today is the demands from society.

Education Minister Datuk Seri Mahdzir Khalid said people today are asking for quality education and expect teachers and schools to deliver it.

“Today’s society wants quality,” he said, when closing the national level Excellent Cluster School Convention 2017.

He said that the rising number of middle class, upper middle class and upper class groups, who are becoming more well-versed in education matters, are responsible for this increase in expectations from teachers.


He added that the easier and increasing access to the Internet has enabled people to have more exposure to education-related articles online. Expectations are also higher with a more informed society.

Mahdzir said that among other things, people expect schools to produce students who are creative and innovative.

He added that students must have higher order thinking skills (HOTS) which can be pickd up through using 21st century learning methods.

These are also among the aims of the Malaysia Education Blueprint 2013-2025, Mahdzir said.

“If schools can follow through on these demands, then we can create such (holistic) students,” he said, adding that this was especially important for cluster schools.

However, Mahdzir added that despite ministry efforts to form more well-rounded students through the use of school-based assessments (PBS), the public still has an “academic success mentality” where the number of As scored, is still important.

“They are still asking how many As a student scores,” he said. Schools must work towards changing this mindset, said the minister.

On another matter, Mahdzir said Malaysia now has 415 cluster schools, while 140 more have been upgraded to high achieving schools.

He congratulated the schools and said that they have a huge responsibility in ensuring that their students are well-rounded and in line with current society and job demands.

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